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Elijah Mikaelson
Elijah Mikaelson
Biographical information
  • 10th century (Age Unknown/1000+)
  • 10th century
  • Undead
  • Nobleman (1200-1400's) (formerly)
  • Historian (2010) (formerly)
  • Co-Vampire King of New Orleans (formerly)
  • Male
Family information
Family Members
Supernatural information
Significant kills
Cause of death
  • Stabbed through the heart (as a human)
Killed by
Played by
Death Count
  • 1
First seen
Last seen
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Elijah Mikaelson is a main character of The Originals. He is an Original Vampire and Elijah is also the son of Mikael and Esther Mikaelson, the younger brother of a deceased unnamed older brother, and Finn Mikaelson, the older brother of Kol Mikaelson, Rebekah Mikaelson, and Henrik Mikaelson, the maternal younger half-brother of Niklaus Mikaelson, and the uncle of Hope Mikaelson. Elijah returns to New Orleans with the intention of healing his family through Klaus' daughter.


Early lifeEdit

Season One - 22 eps Edit

Season Two - 8 epsEdit

Personality - caring, thoughtful , loving , morale , sweet , strong , passionate , very protectiveEdit

Physical Appearance - sexy , hot , handsome , 5ft10 , dark brown hair , brown eyesEdit

Powers and Abilities - all powers of a normal and a original vampireEdit

Relationships - esther(mother) , mikael(father) , ansel(step father) , hope(niece) , kol(younger brother) , rebekah(younger sister) , damon(allies) , elena(allies) , davina(friends/allies) , klaus(younger half brother) , finn(older brother) , freya(older sister) unamed former older brother, matt(allies) , stefan(enemies) , cami(allies) , marcel(ex aenemies/friends/allies) , hayley(romantic inrest/allies) , sabane(former ex lover/enemies) , tatia(former romantic intrest) , henrik(fomer younger brother)Edit


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