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Elijah Mikaelson
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  • Undead
  • Nobleman (1200-1400s)
  • Historian (2010)
  • Male
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  • (Unknown)
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  • Stabbed through the heart (as a human)
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Oh, spare me your indignation. When have you ever demonstrated any kind of concern towards Hayley or her child, beyond your own selfish pursuits? And what was it you once said to me? "Every king needs an heir!"
— Elijah to Klaus in Bloodletting

Elijah Mikaelson is an Original Vampire who was born to Mikael and Esther Mikaelson in the 10th century. Elijah has six siblings, a deceased unnamed older brother, three younger brothers whom are now deceased (Finn, Kol, Henrik) and a younger sister named Rebekah. He also has a younger half-brother named Niklaus. After Mikael's death, Elijah is the eldest Original alive and the oldest immortal being in the world, now that Silas is deceased. Elijah is also the most powerful being, second only to his half-brother, Niklaus and this is only due to Klaus being a Hybrid. He was one of the major antagonists of Season Two. He was also a recurring character in Season Two, Season Three and Season Four. Elijah is now one of the Five leads in The Originals (TV Series). Elijah is now living in New Orleans in the French Quarter with Niklaus, Rebekah and Hayley in the Mikaelson Mansion.

Over the centuries, Elijah has been romantically involved with some women while being with his siblings and running from his father. In the 10th century, while Elijah and his family were still human, both he and his brother were romantically involved with Tatia. In the 15th century, Elijah was involved with Katerina Petrova, the doppelganger of Tatia. In the 19th century, he was involved romantically with a woman named Celeste. Now in the 21st century, Elijah rekindled his relationship with Katherine and they had a romantic relationship until he broke up with her and left with his brother to New Orleans. Once he got to New Orleans, he learned of a werewolf named Hayley and her child of whom Klaus is the father. Elijah promised her that he'll always protect her and four months later, after some time with Hayley, it seems like he is starting to develop feelings for her.

Elijah is a member of the Mikaelson Family.


10th century - 13th centuryEdit

The Middle AgesEdit


Elijah Mikaelson was the first-born son to Mikael and Esther in an area in the New World that would come to be known as Mystic Falls. They lived among werewolves for about twenty years and during the full moon, the humans would simply hide in the underground caves while the werewolves turned. During Elijah's early life, he and Klaus both fell in love with a woman named Tatia.

One morning after a full moon, Niklaus came out of the woods, holding his dead little brother Henrik in his arms. Elijah came running to join his mother as she grieved Henrik's death.

To ensure that the rest of her family would survive, Esther used a spell (called The Immortality Spell). Mikael gave his children wine laced with blood from Tatia. Then he stabbed Elijah and his siblings through the heart and made them drink human blood. After becoming a vampire, Elijah, along with his family, made sure that the White Oak Tree, their one true weakness, would be destroyed.


Shortly after becoming a vampire, one night when Niklaus made his first human kill, it triggered his werewolf side. Elijah and his father ran to Klaus and discovered the truth about him.

File:300px-Rebekah, Elijah & Klaus.png

Mikael and Elijah then shortly ran away before it got worse. Mikael then forced his wife to do a spell on Niklaus to make his werewolf side dormant. Mikael also made Elijah help him in tying up Klaus so that his mother could do the spell. Then one night, his mother was killed by "Mikael". After burying their mother, Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah promised that they would never turn their backs on each other and that they would stick together as one, always and forever.

Italy, 1114Edit

Elijah was in Italy along with his siblings Rebekah and Klaus. They came across a vampire hunter named Alexander who was part of a group called The Five. Rebekah fell in love with Alexander. Elijah and Klaus took advantage of this as an opportunity to get closer to Alexander and find out his secrets. One day, the siblings were invited to a party at Alexander's home where they were attacked by surprise and daggered. Klaus was again unaffected by the dagger thanks to his werewolf lineage and undaggered Elijah and the rest of his siblings except Finn.

14th century - 17th centuryEdit


According to Elijah, he had begun noticing Rebekah and Klaus losing their humanity. However, Elijah hoped as their older brother he could lead them down the right path to reclaiming their humanity and carry on the family legacy. But he believed if he fails, their family legacy would fall in ruins.

England, 1492Edit


In England, Elijah and Klaus were noblemen in the late 15th century. Elijah met Katerina Petrova, who was the Doppelgänger of Tatia and moments later, showed her to his younger brother Niklaus. Katerina was the key to breaking Klaus' Hybrid Curse through sacrifice. While Elijah was helping Klaus achieve his goal, he started to fall in love with Katerina. And when Elijah one day saw Katerina bored, he took her outside to have fun and then they sat at a bench and talked about love. Elijah confessed to her that he didn't believe in love, but Katerina didn't believe him, saying that without love, they wouldn't have reason to live at all. Klaus then came and interrupted, taking Katerina with him and away from Elijah. Elijah then tried to persuade Klaus to spare her life, but Klaus told him not to bother and that the ritual would go on as planned. On the night of the full moon, Katerina took the moonstone and fled with the help of Trevor.

Klaus assumed Elijah helped her because of their discussion the night before about sparing her life. Elijah promised him that he would find her and Klaus responded with a promise of his own; if he did not find Katerina, he would be killed. Elijah attempted to track down Katerina, but failed.

New Orleans, 18th century - 20th centuryEdit


File:Elijah 1700.jpg
Having fled the Old World for unknown reasons, Elijah, along with Klaus and Rebekah, sailed across the world, through the Template:W and arrived in New Orleans, 300 years from the present. Upon arriving off the coast of New Orleans, they slaughtered all the men who boarded their ship, but left one alive to question and carry their luggage, including the two coffins of their neutralized brothers, Kol and Finn. Elijah requested that man to find more help with the luggage and told in a sarcastic way. "My sincere apologies."


File:Elijah 2 TO 1x02.jpg
In 1820, Elijah, Niklaus and Rebekah were living in New Orleans at the Governor's mansion and paid him in gold to keep quiet about the existence of vampires. One day the Governor threw a party for the Mikaelsons. Rebekah went up stairs with the Governor's son who she wanted to turn. Elijah was seen kissing a women and was having fun when Rebekah came to him with the Governor's son and asked Elijah if she could turn him, to which Elijah suggested it would be a unwise move to turn the Governor's son into a vampire.
File:Rebekah and Elijah 2 TO 1x02.jpg
Klaus told her no and told her that if she turned every boy she fell in love with, the humans would cease to exist. The boy then argued with Klaus and he threw him down the stairs while Elijah tried to stop it. While the siblings were going to attend the Governor's son funeral, Klaus saw a boy being wiped and threw an apple at the man and made him stop whipping him. Klaus then came to the boy, named him Marcellus and brought him to the family, Elijah saw this and told his sister: "Perhaps their is hope for our brother after all".

In 1887, 50 years after being daggered by Klaus, Rebekah had finally been undaggered by him. Elijah had helped her reintegrate herself into New Orleans society and they went to the opera house together. It was a moment that only they shared together.


Elijah, Niklaus, Kol and Rebekah all lived in New Orleans. Elijah mentioned that he and his siblings had many fun times in New Orleans and didn't want to leave, however in the year 1919 after Mikael arrived, leaving countless bodies in his wake, they had no choice and were driven away. Kol was soon neutralized for unknown reasons by Niklaus, as Elijah and his siblings left New Orleans before their father could reach them. However, Elijah broke apart from Klaus and Rebekah for unknown reasons.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries TV SeriesEdit

    Season FiveEdit


    The Originals TV SeriesEdit

    Season OneEdit

    File:Elijah 3 TO 1x01.jpg

    In Always and Forever, Elijah is shown in a flashback 300 years ago. Having fled the Old World for unknown reasons, Elijah, along with Klaus and Rebekah, sailed across the world, through the Template:W and arrived in New Orleans, 300 years from the present. Upon arriving off the coast of New Orleans, they slaughtered all the men who boarded their ship, but left one alive to question and carry their luggage, including the two coffins of their neutralized brothers, Kol and Finn.


    In the present, Elijah is seen talking with the bartender, Camille O'Connell, about his brother. He tells her that his brother always seems to get into trouble and she suggests he is the one that is always helping him. Elijah then asks Camille if she can find someone who works at the bar by the name of Jane-Anne Deveraux. Camille tells him she doesn't know, but tells him the name of a tour guide who might know, Sabine. Elijah meets up with Sabine, who in reality is a witch and already knows about Elijah. He asks her to see the witch Jane-Anne, but Sabine tells him it is too late as the vampire, Marcel, had already killed her in public, which Elijah finds shocking. Elijah hides once Marcel appears - as Marcel would kill the witches if Elijah had been discovered with them. Elijah listens in on the conversation between Marcel and Sophie Deveraux, in which Marcel wants to know why Klaus has returned and was looking for Jane-Anne. Elijah then calls Rebekah and reveals to her that Klaus' former student, Marcel is still alive which Rebekah finds shocking. Elijah explains to his sister that the man who Klaus sired now rules New Orleans, with savage vampires and killing for any human to find. But when Rebekah hears him mention Niklaus, she begins back talking about him and says she wants take backs from the pact she made with Elijah and Niklaus.

    File:Rousseau's TO 1x01.jpg

    Elijah reminds her she's taken take backs many times during the centuries and even when their father found them in New Orleans a hundred years ago and chased them from the city. Elijah then ends the conversion with saying he thinks his brother's in trouble, when the witches are brave enough to bring an Original back into town and he wants to know why. He then comes to the bar Rousseau where he saves Sophie and kills her attackers sent by Marcel. He asks her what business her family has with his brother and Sophie leads him to a cemetery and invites him in as no vampires are allowed to enter without invitation.


    Sophie explains to Elijah that a werewolf named Hayley became pregnant during her encounters with Klaus. Hayley is then brought out by other witches and Elijah asks for a moment alone with her. Hayley doesn't know how it is possible for her to be pregnant and Elijah explains how it may be possible and shows her some parts of his family's past through his mind. He explains how they became vampires and for Niklaus, the very first Hybrid, resulting in the spell their mother cast on Klaus to suppress his werewolf side. After some talking with Sophie, Elijah meets up with his brother and guides him to the cemetery where Sophie and Elijah explain everything to Klaus. Klaus expresses disbelief and rejects the witches' offer. He tells the witches to kill both Hayley and the baby, claiming he doesn't care either way. Elijah tries to talk some sense into his brother but fails. Sophie further tries to blackmail Elijah and reveals that if Sophie dies, so do Hayley and her child.

    Elijah then finds his brother
    arguing with Marcel and it ends with Klaus biting one of Marcel's guys. Elijah then calls Rebekah again to update her on the recent events, also telling her that their brother is willingly to give up everything, he's lashing out in blind rage and the last time Elijah saw something like that, it lasted for 200 years. Elijah further explains that Klaus was so close to feel happiness when he heard the child's heartbeat for the first time, but now his temper has destroyed it. He then tells his sister he's almost out of time to get the girl to which Rebekah responds to get the girl before it's too late and Elijah swears to her he'll not let anything happen to the girl or her child. He then meets up with Marcel and tells him it's time for them to have a little chat. Elijah asks him of how he has control of the magic in the French Quarter, Marcel tells him it's his business. Elijah then makes a deal with Marcel, if the body of Jane-Anne is released to the witches, Klaus will cure the man he bit. 
    File:Klaus and Elijah 2 TO 1x01.jpg

    Elijah then brought the body of Jane-Anne to the witches so that they could bring her to rest. Elijah tells them Klaus will agree to their terms, he only needs more time. Elijah then finds Klaus and this time, holds Klaus by the throat and tells him that he'll not walk away from this and threatens Klaus that he'll never let go of his brother, even if he has to beat some humanity into him like their father used to do. After their short fight, Klaus tells him he hasn't cared about anything for centuries and asks why Elijah does, who explains to his brother because he failed him once and says he should have killed his own father the second he laid a hand on Klaus and says "Family above all". Later, Klaus and Elijah sit on a bench and discuss what his child could offer him. Klaus then tells Elijah to tell Sophie that they've a

    File:Elijah getting Daggered TO 1x01 ScreenCapture.jpg
    deal. The next day, Elijah moves Hayley to the Originals old sanctuary and tells her that she's now the most important person in the family, promising her that he'll always protect her. Klaus and Elijah then go to talk in private and discuss if and when Rebekah would join them. Klaus starts to doubt Elijah's value in his mission to reclaim his throne from Marcel so he stabs him with the White Oak Ash Dagger, neutralizing him. He then tells his brother: "There's no power in love. Mercy makes you weak. Family makes you weak."
    File:Elijah 5 TO 1x02.jpg

    In House of the Rising Son, 3 months later without any calls from her big brother Elijah, Rebekah is determined to go back to their old stumping ground. Once she arrives at the Mikaelson Mansion, she learns from Hayley that Elijah is nowhere to be found. When she confronts Klaus, she flahes back to 1820, New Orleans, when her family was happy, even Elijah who was seen kissing a woman named Celeste. Elijah then saw Rebekah and told her she couldn't turn the Governors son. Klaus then killed the boy. Back in the present, Rebekah, with Hayley's help, discovers that Elijah's coffin is not at their house. Rebekah then visits the witch Sophie and tells her of how Klaus met Marcel. Back in 1820, the Governor was going to bury his only son, but it seemed he had another son, who was being whipped. Elijah and Rebekah saw this and saw how Klaus brought that boy into to their family and then thought their might be hope for his brother after all. Back in the present, Rebekah tells Sophie that without Elijah between Klaus and Marcel, who knows what will happen.

    File:Elijah 6 TO 1x02.jpg

    Klaus later reveals to Rebekah that he neutralized Elijah and brought him to Marcel for peace keeping. Rebekah then makes Marcel lead her to Elijah after she threatened Camille. Marcel leads Rebekah to a room where she needs to be invited in by a girl named Davina who is a powerful witch. Rebekah goes to Elijah's coffin and tries to pull the dagger out of him, but Davina pulls it back and throws Rebekah out of her room, using her powers. Rebekah later tells Klaus about this, stating that because of Klaus' actions, Elijah is now in danger. They both agree that they won't stop looking for him until they've found him.

    File:Elijah TO 1x03.jpg

    In Tangled Up In Blue, Hayley is seen reading Elijah's journals of his life as a vampire and how he felt about his siblings stepping away from the humanity they once possessed. Marcel promises Klaus he'll hand Elijah back to him after being saved by Klaus' hand from Katie. Little does Marcel know the attack on his life did go out from Klaus who pulled Katie into the whirlwind of events that eventually led to her demise. Back in Davina's attic, Davina is seen watching over Elijah's corpse, as she hears a person walk into the room she ruses up. Sure of his friends loyalty, Marcel storms into Davina's room and happily proclaims that he's willing to release the vampire, but Davina denies Marcel's wish. Her plan and mission to kill an original vampire hasn't been completed yet so she holds on to the body and reveals that she has more power over Marcel than originally thought. Marcel leaves without Elijah, who remains in Davina's custody. Back at the Mikaelson mansion, Klaus asks Hayley what it is about his brother that always inspires admiration in people, showing jealousy of his older brother. Hayley simply says: "He was kind to me."


    In the opening of Girl in New Orleans, Davina is seen pulling the dagger out of Elijah's chest, but shoving it back in the moment Marcel enters the room, demonstrating that she is still searching for a way to destroy the Original.

    File:Elijah and Rebekah TO 1x04.jpg

    After a conversation with Diego, Rebekah finds the church Marcel keeps Elijah's coffin hidden, but is unable to enter the room his coffin is kept due to being uninvited. As Rebekah glares into the room, she spies her sleeping brother who, to Rebekah's surprise, opens his eyes and stares at her. Rebekah finds herself in a dream-like state in front of a carriage. Elijah reveals himself behind her and tells her that he sent her into a memory only the two of them share to properly communicate with each other and to make sure Davina was not playing mind games with him. In her memory, the two of them visiting an opera house shortly after Rebekahs undaggering, Elijah tells Rebekah that due to Davina's removal of the dagger, the weapon lost its effect (it needs to be dipped in white oak ash to keep him down) on him and his body is slowly restoring. But instead of taking his sisters offer to help him flee Davina's attic, he proposes to try and talk to the young witch and win her for his side. In the meantime, Elijah wishes Rebekah and Niklaus to look after Hayley and her unborn baby. After making Rebekah swear to keep this promise, he sends her out of the mind induced dream state. Rebekah leaves the attic afterwards.

    After being confronted with Klaus in the church and having to say goodbye forever to Tim, Davina flees into her room and wants to be by herself. As she stares with sadness at Tim's broken violin, she makes her wind chimes play by her magic, but her sentimental mood comes to a sudden stop as the lid of Elijah's coffin closes. As she slowly walks towards the coffin, she hears a sound behind her and turns around. She spies a slowly undesiccating Elijah standing behind her, telling her not to be afraid and claiming not to wish her any harm. In a calm voice, the Old One lets the girl know that the two of them are in a dire need of a conversation. Both exchange a long look at each other. 

    File:Elijah taste Davinas Blood.png
    In Sinners and Saints, Elijah confronts Davina as his body re-awakened from the daggering. He explains that they could stop a war between the witches and vampires before it even started if they would just hear each other out. Davina then gives him a drop of her blood to rejuvenate him. Elijah asked her if she played the violin, but she said it wasn't hers, then Marcel comes and tells Davina that she is getting moved tonight which Davina was pleased for. Marcel then leaves and Elijah asks Davina why she didn't reveal that he was there, to which she replies that they are not done talking. Davina begins to tell Elijah the story of how she gained so much power from a ritual sacrifice called The Harvest. Davina reveals to Elijah that she was chosen for The Harvest along with 3 other girls, including her best friend, and that she would have had to die to complete The Harvest. Elijah then asks her what that means and Davina explains that she has to die and at the reaping, she will be reborn and all the power will come back to all the witches. If she isn't killed before the reaping, the witches will loose all their powers.
    File:Davina and Elijah2.jpg

    Elijah then asks her of her friends. Davina tells him of her friend Tim whose violin he is repairing and of her best friend, Monique Deveraux. Elijah then looks a little surprised about this. Davina continues to tell her story of The Harvest and explains that she was the only survivor of it and that she got all her powers from the 3 dead girls. She also explains that Marcel rescued her from the sacrifice which is why she allied with him. Elijah appeals to her caring side, telling her that he'd help her control the magic that is consuming her life, promising that if she works with him, he would let her see his mother's book of spells. Davina agrees to the terms, but asks him why he's still trying to protect Klaus after what he did to him. Elijah tells her he has given up on giving up and says. "I'll fight for my family. Until my last breath". Davina then also tells Elijah that she will fight the witches until her last breath.

    File:Halijah TO 1x05.jpg
    Then Elijah leaves to find Marcel and Klaus in an argument. Elijah knocks Marcel down and reminds him that the only one allowed to harm his brother is him. Klaus and Elijah go back to the Mikaelson Mansion to a warm welcome from Rebekah and a surprisingly warm one from Hayley, who simply tells Elijah to not make promises that he can't keep. Elijah then tells his siblings and Hayley that everything they were told by Sophie and the witches was a lie. The war between the witches and the vampires for control is in fact about family. Sophie wants to resurrect her niece by killing Davina and that makes her their most dangerous enemy. 

    File:Elijah 2 TO 1x06.jpg
    In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Elijah is looking through his mothers grimoire and tells his sister the dead girl in front of him is about forgiveness which can not be bought and that's what Klaus was trying at. Elijah then sees Hayley and follows her to the kitchen, where she is making breakfast and tells her good morning. Hayley tells him and Rebekah if it would kill them to buy some milk in the house to which Elijah responds he hopes his siblings were hospitable towards Hayley in his absence. Hayley addresses his absence and all the trouble that has happened since. Eljah then brings a bowl, a spoon and a bag of cereal to the counter and smiles sympathetically as he pulls orange juice and milk out of the fridge, pours Hayley a bowl of cereal and then fills it with milk. She tells him that his siblings have been weirdly protective of her and she has Elijah to thank for that. Elijah tells her he's just glad she is in one piece and talks about the witches and that it is time both Hayley and Sophie are unlinked. Rebekah then comes in and drags the dead girl behind, asking who they have to kill. Elijah responds: "Probably no one. Alright, potentially everyone".
    File:Klaus and Elijah TO 1x06.jpg
    Elijah then takes charge of the operation to put an end to the war between the witches and vampires. In his attempt, the witch Agnes takes Sophie hostage and uses the link between her and Hayley to put a curse on Hayley. While Elijah and Klaus are going to pay Davina a visit, Elijah tells Rebekah to babysit Hayley. The spell was going to kill the unborn child inside Hayley by raising her body temperature. Elijah went to Davina and gave her the first of the pages she was to receive from his mother's book and promised her if she could complete the spell, she would receive another page of her choosing. Elijah and Klaus later find Sabine and demand to know where Agnes is. She tells them they don't care about the witches, but she wouldn't say anything as she was the last of the elders. Elijah and Klaus then find Sophie and tell her that their deal is off, then brought Sophie to the Mikaelson Mansion. Elijah, with the help of Sophie, tries to keep Hayley's temperature down, until Davina had unlinked Hayley and Sophie.

    File:Halijah 3 TO 1x06.jpg
    Hayley was no longer under the spell that would've killed her child. Elijah sought vengeance against Agnes, though Klaus was already enacting his own brand of retribution. Sophie made Elijah promise that he wouldn't let Klaus kill Agnes and Elijah reluctantly agreed, promising to keep his word. Once Elijah had changed clothes and on his way out, Rebekah wanted to talk to him about leaving New Orleans with her, but come to realize that Elijah will never leave Klaus or the city, they both then say goodbye to each other. When Elijah arrived at the church where Klaus was mere moments away from killing Agnes, he pleaded with his younger brother that if he really wanted his forgiveness for sticking a dagger in his heart, he'd spare her. Klaus surprisingly released her, irritated that Elijah was ruining the fun. Elijah, however, had made no
    File:Elijah 8 TO 1x06.jpg
    promise of keeping his own hands off Agnes. He hastily ripped out the hearts of some of the onlookers before snapping Agnes' neck, telling her that he kept his promise that he wouldn't let his brother harm her, he didn't promise that he wouldn't, and told her. "No one hurts my family and lives. No one". When he arrived back at the Mikaelson mansion, he discovered Hayley was gone and called Rebekah if Hayley was with her, Klaus then came and told him that Marcel had been here. Elijah then knew she had been abducted by Marcel.


    In Bloodletting, Elijah and Klaus confronted Marcel at one of his fight nights, where vampires would fight for the chance to get closer to Marcel's inner circle. Elijah threatened Marcel, saying that he and Klaus would kill everyone there, starting with Marcel. When Marcel revealed that he hadn't taken Hayley, he allowed a witch to perform a locator spell as a show of good faith to the Original siblings. Elijah and Klaus tracked her to a truck where Klaus recognized the scent of Tyler Lockwood.

    Elijah found Hayley in the woods, having escaped from Tyler and she told him that Tyler had abducted her to test a theory on her baby. He had discovered that her baby's blood could create hybrids, but Hayley informed him that the werewolf Tyler had turned into a hybrid had seemed sired to her rather than Klaus. Hayley also brought up how the only reason Klaus had wanted to protect her was so he could eventually make more hybrids. However, when they found Klaus, who had fought and defeated Tyler, Klaus was furious with his brother's accusation.

    Enraged by what he saw as Elijah's betrayal and jealous that he would always be seen as being lesser since he was only Elijah's half-brother, he bit Elijah with his hybrid bite, leaving him and Hayley a parting gift. Later, Elijah told her that the bite wouldn't kill him and Elijah realized he may have been too quick to condemn his brother. Immediately afterwards, they found a bible left at the doorstep which included a family tree side with a list of names, including a name corresponding with Hayley's birth date: Andrea.



    "In the beginning, our family was human, A thousand years ago, now. Although our mother dabbled in the dark arts, we were actually just a family trying to survive in a time when it was quite difficult to do so. And, for better or worse, we were happy."
    —Elijah to Hayley in Always and Forever

    Elijah is a very postive, quirky and upbeat person. He always tries to see the good in people and tries to be a friend to everyone. He lives by a code of honor and morality that has been with him since he was a human. As he told Elena in All My Children, he valued qualities such as compassion, honor and virtue long before his mother turned him into a vampire. Having learned to take care of his family over the years and being naturally responsible, Elijah had developed into a very free-spirited, mature and independent person. Elijah was close with his brother Niklaus and his sister Rebekah, he was also a little close with his youngest brother Henrik and he was devastated after he was killed by werewolves.

    Original VampireEdit

    "Mother made us vampires. She didn't make us monsters, we did that to ourselves."
    —Elijah to Rebekah in All My Children
    File:Elijah 5 TO 1x01.jpg
    Elijah is described as unpredictable, over-protective and stubborn, but also very kind, intelligent, selfless, empathetic, compassionate, and friendly. He is extremely loyal and has a loving nature. But in spite of this, Elijah is very naive and easily manipulable which is shown several times throughout the series. He strongly believes in trust, honesty and loyalty and whenever he would give his word to someone, he would keep it, as he has said "I'm a man of my word." He has a lot of respect and admiration for human life, which is unseen in many other vampires and is normally very reluctant to kill anyone when unnecessary. 

    He is known for speaking his mind and having a fierce temper, which he possibly inherited from his father. Elijah very rarely has tolerance for those who broke their words to him, shown when he killed Trevor for betraying him and imprisoned Katherine for her own betrayal.

    Despite the fact that he always keeps his word, he is proficient at finding loopholes in the deals he makes and very careful with those that he proposed, making it clear that whenever he does something, he hasn't promised not to do it. Elijah's biggest defining trait, as well as his greatest weakness, is his love and loyalty to his family. He believes that it is his duty to preserve and protect them, despite knowing the consequences it would have on others and has shown remorse because of this. Elijah admits that during his early years as a vampire, he felt terrible hunger. Elijah also admits that he cares about redeeming his brother, because he failed as a older brother to Klaus when his father beat him up and that he made a promise to his brother. "Always and Forever. Family above all". Like his half-brother Klaus, Elijah does not like being lied to, or manipulated. Also if anyone tries to hurt or kill a member of his family, they will not live to regret it.

    Physical AppearanceEdit

    Main article: Elijah Mikaelson/Appearance

    Elijah is a very handsome man, 5'11" in height, and has a thin but muscular body. He has short brown hair which appeared to have darkened slightly in the fourth season, with hazel brown eyes. His facial features are angular - high cheekbones, a strong jawline, and a straight nose. Despite being centuries old, he appears to be in his late twenties or early thirties, somewhere between 28 - 32. He is possibly older than his brother Finn, making him the oldest sibling of the family. Elijah is similar to his younger brother Kol in facial features, but resembles all of his siblings in a more general way.


    Elijah in the present day is consistently well-dressed. His wardrobe typically consists of a dress jacket, dress shoes, dress pants, shirt and sometimes a tie. This continues his trend of dressing well throughout the centuries. As a human, he wore more simplistic clothing, along with the other males in his family. But ever since he and his family journeyed to Europe, it seems he upgraded his attire to clothing indicative of a nobleman. Elijah has also worn different hairstyles in keeping with the times.


    Before Elijah and his siblings became vampires, the family was quite close. However, after Esther performed the immortality spell on her children, their transformation acted as a catalyst for the disintegration of most of the family relationships. After Klaus framed Mikael for their mother's murder, Elijah made a pact with his two younger siblings, Niklaus and Rebekah, that they would always stick together.

    Niklaus MikaelsonEdit

    "My big brother, so, you doubt my intentions? Well, I can't say I'm surprised, standing next to the noble Elijah, how can I be anything but the lesser brother? A liar, a manipulator, a bastard."
    Main article: Elijah and Klaus
    Niklaus is Elijah's half-brother and his closest brother. When they were humans, they both had fun together by battles with swords, much to their father's disapproval. After their mother died, Elijah and Niklaus made a pact with Rebekah that they would stick together as one, always and forever. In the year 1114, they came across a vampire hunter named Alexander and the Brotherhood of the Five. Alexander and his brothers neutralized four originals, but were released (except Finn) by Niklaus. In 1492, they met a woman named Katerina Petrova, the first doppelgänger of Tatia. Klaus planned to sacrifice her, while Elijah started to have feelings for her. After Katerina's escape, the relationship between Elijah and Klaus was broken for a while. During 2010, Elijah was helping Elena Gilbert and the Salvatore brothers to kill Klaus, while Klaus was preparing to break his curse. After the curse was broken, Elijah met with his brother and was about to kill him when Klaus revealed their family was safe and only he knew where they were. Klaus daggered Elijah once they arrived at Alaric's apartment, but eventually Elijah was un-daggered by Damon Salvatore. Later, Elijah had un-daggered all of their remaining siblings, but when they were about to leave Klaus for good, their mother appeared. Elijah tried to figure out his mother's motives and once he did, Elijah, Klaus and Kol confronted their mother and their brother, Finn. Elijah left Mystic Falls, while Klaus attempted to locate their lost brother Finn. Later, Elijah came back to bargain with Elena for Klaus' body. After Klaus "died", Elijah left again. Once Elijah had possession of the cure, he met with his brother again. He later handed his brother the White Oak Stake, asking him to spare Katerina, but Klaus refused. Elijah has began to repair his relationship with his younger brother and believes he will find Niklaus' redemption.

    Rebekah MikaelsonEdit

    "I only came to New Orleans to make sure you were safe. You are. I thought that I might be able to convince you to come with me, but here you are, rushing into whatever Klaus and Marcel and the witches have cooked up. And I finally get it. [tears up] You'll never leave this city. You'll never leave Klaus."
    Main article: Elijah and Rebekah

    Elijah is Rebekah's older brother. His relationship with her has been very dysfunctional. Elijah is in the habit of being very critical towards Rebekah due to her actions. After she requests him to give her the cure for the vampirism, Elijah agrees, provided that she go a whole day without her vampire abilities. However they were tricked by Silas with Klaus' help. After finding out that Klaus is going to be a father, Elijah asks her to follow Klaus and him to New Orleans. She refuses to follow Elijah and help him. Elijah is without a doubt the brother Rebekah respects most out of all her brothers. Ater 3 months of not hearing anything from Elijah she returns to New Orleans to find Elijah and make sure he's alright. Once she finds him, Elijah tells his sister to portect th ewolf carrying Klaus' child, and once he gets home to the Mikaelson mnasion he gets a warm welcomre from Rebekah. But soon after she tells him that she is leaving town and would ask to come with her, she knows that Elijah would never leave town or Klaus. Unlike Rebekah, Elijah believes that his brother can be redeemed.

    Katerina PetrovaEdit

    "I meant what I said about my feelings for you. And I'd like to think that you feel something for me, too. I need you to trust me. I want you to trust me. Just like I'm trusting you. You don't owe me anything. I'm gonna let you decide where we go from here."
    Main article: Elijah and Katherine

    In 1492, Elijah met a woman named Katerina Petrova who was the first doppelgänger of Tatia. Elijah and Katerina got to know each other before he introduced her to his younger brother Niklaus. Klaus wanted her to be sacrificed, but Elijah had started to have feelings for her. When Katerina escaped, Elijah felt betrayed by her and started hunting her down, but was mislead the other way thanks to a vampire named Trevor. 500 years later, Elijah finds her stuck inside the vampire tomb and compelled her to stay. Almost a year later, Katerina contacts Elijah and asks him to help her find the cure. During their search for the cure, their friendship grows to be very strong and eventually they fall deeply in love, therefore beginning a sexual relationship. After Elijah discovered that Katerina killed Jeremy Gilbert, he got mad at her lies. Elijah says that he doesn't know who she really is. Katerina then met with him again and handed him the cure, telling him she loves him and she wanted him to trust her, as she is trusting him. During the episode "The Originals", Katherine asks him to be with her, instead of heading to New Orleans for a life with Klaus. He doesn't say anything except 'goodbye', and leaves, after kissing her on the forehead. It is unclear whether their relationship will have a future.

    Hayley MarshallEdit

    "We've all done bad things. It's just, most people die before the list gets embarrassing. But, don't for a second compare yourself to Klaus."
    Main article: Elijah and Hayley
    The relationship between Elijah and Hayley began once Elijah was made aware of Hayley's pregnancy with his brother's child. Elijah shows Hayley his family history, to explain how it is possible that she's carrying a Hybrid child. Elijah makes a promise to Hayley that he'll always protect her. A few days later Hayley is reading the journals of Elijah and learns more about him and how he feels about his siblings. When Klaus asks what it is about his brother that inspires admirations, Hayley responds that Elijah was kind to her. Once Elijah and Hayley are reunited, she slaps him and tells him not to make promises he can't keep. The day after when the witches are trying to kill her baby, Elijah tries to do everything he can to undo it and kills the witches who were responsible. One Hayley dissappeared, Elijah and Klaus tough Marcel had kidnapped her, they then confronted about it. Elijah finally found Hayley and she tells him about her hybrid baby and what it can do. Elijah confront his brother about what Hayley had told him.

    Other RelationshipsEdit

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    Powers and AbilitiesEdit

    • Super Strength - Original vampires are much stronger than immortals, vampires, werewolves, hybrids and humans. They are able to decapitate other species with a single chop and shatter windows and doors with small objects. They grow stronger with time.
    • Super Speed - Original vampires are much faster than immortals, vampires, werewolves, hybrids and humans. They are able to stop other supernatural species in their tracks and run miles in mere minutes. They grow faster with time.
    • Heightened Senses - Original vampires have extremely keen senses of hearing, sight and smell that far exceed those of humans, vampires, werewolves and non-original hybrids. Their senses improve with time.
    • Super Agility - Original vampires possess superhuman agility, flexibility and dexterity. They can move, jump, climb and run incredibly fast without difficulty or exhaustion. These abilities improve with time.
    • Super Healing - The injuries of Original vampires heal faster than those of other vampires, werewolves, hybrids and humans. Original vampires also seem to heal much more quickly when exposed to vervain or wood. They can heal/recover/regenerate from any and all injuries in a matter of seconds.
    • Super Durability - Original vampires can take far more trauma than other vampires, werewolves, hybrids and humans can, without much discomfort or injury. No Original has ever been dismembered throughout the series, implying that their durability may be close to invincibility. Wood seems to be ineffective at weakening them.
    • Emotional Control - Original vampires have a limited degree of control over their own emotions, allowing them to switch off their humanity, making killing easier.
    • Enhanced Dream Manipulation - Original vampires can control dreams and subconscious. They can produce and modify dreams, bestow nightmares or lucid dreaming. Other effects of this ability is the distortion of reality and being able to trap someone in their dreams. In Elijah's case, he can communicate with others from a short distance, even while recovering from the White Oak Ash Dagger.
    • File:Xsdjs45x.jpg
      Mind Compulsion - Original vampires can compel the minds of humans, vampires and non-original hybrids. They cannot however compel any non- human or non-vampire.
    • Immortality - Originals do not physically age. They're immune to all forms of illnesses, toxins or poisons. They don't need to eat, drink or breathe. They have eternal youthful beauty with perfect features and flawless smooth skin. They also posses an almost eidetic memory and cunning intelligence.
    • Tactile Telepathy -  Elijah is able to display his memories in other beings through touch. Elijah can also communicate with others from a short distance, even while recovering from the White Oak Ash Dagger.
    • Blood Lust Control - Unlike most vampires, Elijah has complete control of his blood lust, which he perfected over the years of being a vampire, to the point that his vampire veins have not been shown once since he was introduced, even when he requested to speak to Davina despite being neutralized for three months and having his skin color become very darkened from lack of blood as a result, he was able to talk to her without craving her blood.
    • Fangs - Like all vampires, Originals can bring out fangs with blood red eyes.
    • Eidetic Memory - Vampires are said to possess perfect recall and to be unable to forget. Their minds are often called "vaults" in which they store all information permanently.}}
    • Sire Bond - Although rare among them, sire bonds can be formed when a human is turned with the blood of the vampire whom they had strong human feelings for.


    • White Oak Stake
      Is the only physical weapon that can permanently kill an Original. It comes from an ancient White Oak Tree that existed during the time of the genesis of The Original Family and was used as the source of their immortality. It was at first thought that the stake used to kill Mikael was the last White Oak wood that existed, but it was soon discovered by Rebekah and Klaus that there was a sapling of the original tree to replace the old; the wood of which was used to build the Wickery Bridge.
    • White Oak Ash Dagger
      An enchanted silver dagger dipped in the ash of the tree will kill an Original, but only as long as the dagger remains in their heart. They will however also kill any normal vampire that wields them.
    • Sunlight - Sunlight will burn an Original, but cannot kill them. All members of the Original Family possess lapis lazuli rings to combat this. Klaus is not affected by sunlight due to being a hybrid.
    • Vervain
       Vervain prevents Originals from compelling anyone on it and burns them on touch. Originals will heal very quickly from vervain wounds however.
    • Stakes - A wooden stake through the heart will neutralize an Original and the Original will appear as if they were dead, but will revive within a few hours.
    • Invitation - In order to enter any house owned by humans, they need to be invited by a person that officially lives there or the person of entitlement. Once invited, the vampire cannot be uninvited. If a vampire lives in a house, other vampires can enter freely and if a vampire is in the house without being invited in, it will become disoriented and will begin to suffocate.
    • Magic - It is said a witch with enough power can kill/dangerously effect a being as powerful as an Original or create an object capable of harming an Original. Minor spells have little effect.
    • Desiccation - Being completely drained of blood or the heart stopping will cause an Original to desiccate like any other vampire, losing most of its strength and any ability to move. The desiccated Original will appear as a corpse and can only start functioning again once they feed on blood. This process can be replicated artificially by a witch casting a desiccation spell. It's unknown if an Original would desiccate if their heart was torn out. However, it seems that an Original's body is indestructible, therefore it is possible their hearts cannot be extracted. It is possible that their heart will completely reform in their chest if extracted.
    • Werewolf Bite - Where a werewolf bite can't kill Originals, it weakens them and gives them the same sort of effect as it would an ordinary vampire, causing hallucinations. However, the effect only lasts for a few hours.
    • The Cure - The cure will strip an Original of their immortality, causing them to become human/witch or in Klaus' case, a werewolf. Esther had a spell which would've cured them of their immortality.
    • Wood - Normal wood seems to have some to little effect on an Original. White Oak wood however can hurt an Original presumably.
    • Hunter's Curse - If an Original kills a member of The Brotherhood of the Five, they will be tormented by the hunter until they kill themselves or if the hunter is replaced.
    • Broken Neck - Breaking an Original's neck will not kill them, but it will render them unconscious for several hours.

    Attitude Toward HumansEdit

    File:Elijah 2 TO 1x02.jpg
    Elijah respects human life. He is shown to be generally gentle, kind, caring and considerate with humans, the opposite of his half-brother Klaus, who is shown to have little to no regard for human life. He has not been seen compelling a human except Elena as he needed information from her and Carol Lockwood (for a change of suit). As a vampire, he strongly dislikes the idea of feeding on humans and instead feeds from blood bags. Elijah gives Elena an elixir that has a chance to resurrect the person who drinks it. The elixir was meant for Katerina before she escaped, but now he proffered it to Elena, so she could have had a chance to survive after the sacrifice. Esther, Elijah's mother, however, mentions that he is no better than the others, causing him to reflect that he kills, tortures and manipulates others to get what he wants, mainly to protect his family. Esther says this to Elijah and his two brothers Kol and Niklaus, "For a thousand years, I’ve been forced to watch you. Felt the pain of every victim, suffered while you shed blood. Even you, Elijah, with your claim to nobility, you’re no better. All of you. You’re a curse on this earth. Stretched out over generations." When his brother was entombed, Elijah offered Elena a deal to hand Klaus back to him and, in exchange, no one will harm her. After the loss of his brother (Klaus), Elijah and Rebekah hugged for a few seconds.

    Once Elijah comes to New Orleans, he goes to the bar at Rosseau's and genually talks with the bartender Camille, about his brother and his family history. Four months later, after being revived by Davina, a powerful witch, he confesses to her that he has a terrible hunger inside after being in the coffin for 4 months, but would not feed from a child. The day after he comes home, he is seen reading a book while an innocent girl is bleeding out, a peace offering from Klaus. Elijah mentions that his forgiveness cannot be bought and says not "this" when he mentions the dead girl.



    • "Elijah " from the Hebrew אֱלִיָּהוּ (eliyyahu) meaning "YAWEH is my God". It's the name of a Prophet who was carried to the heavens in a chariot of fire. It was a popular name during the middle ages.
      • Elijah was a Hebrew prophet of the 9th century BC, during the reign of King Ahab and his queen, Jezebel. The two Books of Kings in the Old Testament tell of his exploits, which culminate with him being carried to heaven in a chariot of fire. Because Elijah was a popular figure in medieval tales, and because his name was borne by a few early saints (who are usually known by the Latin form Elias), the name came into general use during the Middle Ages. In medieval England it was usually spelled Elis. It died out there by the 16th century, but it was revived by the Puritans in the form Elijah after the Protestant Reformation.
    • Other spellings of the name Elijah includes Elija, Elijiah, Elijio, Elijuah, Elijuo, Eliya, Eliyah, Ellija, Ellijah, Ellyjah, Elijha, Elisjsha,Eliyahu, Elisha, Elliot, Illias, Ilya, El.


    • Elijah is the only member of the Originals that has pushed Klaus' buttons without fearing the consequences.
    • Elijah is the first Original to appear in Season 2, with Klaus being the second.
    • He is the second vampire shown compelling Elena and the first Original vampire to be neutralized by Elena.
    • Elijah is the first Original vampire to be seen compelling other vampires (Slater and Katherine).
    • Elijah does not appear in the books, but his appearance seems to be modeled after the Klaus of the books.
    • Elijah presents himself to everyone under the guise of an historian by the name of Elijah Smith. This mirrors Damon in the novels when he presents himself to Elena's family as Damon Smith.
    • Elijah is absent for only three of the fifteen episodes between his first appearance (Rose) and his last appearance (As I Lay Dying) of Season 2.
    • Elijah and Rebekah are the only Originals who weren't hunted down by Klaus before being neutralized. Rebekah was neutralized by Klaus when she chose Stefan over him, and Elijah was neutralized because he tried to kill Klaus.
    • Elijah, Rebekah and Klaus are the only characters who have met the Original Petrova and her two Doppelgängers as humans.
    • Elijah is one of only three recurring characters to appear in more than 10 episodes during their inaugural season. The others being Anna, who appeared in eleven episodes during Season 1 and Rebekah who appeared in seventeen episodes during Season 3.
    • Elijah was the first member of the Original Family to make their first appearance in a present day episode.
    • Elijah has been neutralized 4 times in Season 2, once in Season 3, once in a flashback and once in The Originals -
    1. By Damon Salvatore in Rose.
    2. By Alaric Saltzman in The Dinner Party.
    3. By Elena Gilbert in The Dinner Party.
    4. By Niklaus Mikaelson in As I Lay Dying.
    5. By Alaric Saltzman (via Kol) in All My Children.
    6. By one of The Brotherhood of the Five in The Five.
    7. By Niklaus Mikaelson in Always and Forever
    • Elijah and Alaric are the characters who have died most on the show. Elijah has died 7 times on the show and Alaric has died 8 times on the show.
    • Both Elijah and Rebekah have been given an episode when they are just neutralized.
    • Just like Elijah was neutralized 4 times in Season 2, so was Rebekah in Season 3.
    • Elijah was sarcastically called "my favourite Original" by Damon in Bringing Out The Dead.
    • Among of all the Originals, Elijah can be considered the most moral and honorable, though his sense of what's right and wrong is slightly twisted, as shown when he killed Slater in 2x10 or the hybrid in 3x12.
    • Elijah and his Half-Brother both loved The Original Petrova Doppelgänger just like the Salvatore brothersloved Katherine Pierce and now Elena Gilbert.
    • Elijah is always seen wearing different suits on the show in almost every episode he's in.
    • Despite being a recurring character in Season Two and Season Three, Elijah had more screen time than any regular in the episodes Klaus (episode) and All My Children.
    • Elijah has met/interacted with every one of the main characters except for Tyler, but he did mention him when he thought the hybrid had died in The Departed.
    • Elijah and Finn are the only vampires in the show who haven't shown their fangs and bloody red eyes. Also, all aforementioned vampires are Originals.
    • Despite the fact that most people call Katherine with the Anglo version (Katherine) of her name, both Klaus and Elijah call her by her original name Katerina.
    • Elijah is the last living true son of Mikael.
    • Elijah is the first Original to be invited into the Gilbert House, followed by Kol and Klaus.
    • Like Klaus, Elijah doesn't want Rebekah to take the cure.
    • Elijah believes Klaus' child is the key in reuniting his family.
    • It appears, as seen in Tangled Up In Blue, that Elijah has been keeping journals over the centuries.
    • It also appears, as seen in Tangled Up In Blue, that Elijah is musical, as there is a violin and a piano in his house.
    • In Sinners and Saints, after he has fully awakened, Elijah repairs Tim's violin.
    • It is Elijah who returns Jane-Anne's body to the witches.
    • Elijah like his younger brother Kol, is believed to be famous amongs the Witches around the world.
    • Elijah is the first Original to be bitten by a hybrid and the second to be affected by the venom of a werewolf/hybrid.





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